About us


The cultural movement has the name


and has its registered office in Munich.

The cultural movement aims to promote European art and culture, as well as mutual understanding between the peoples of Europe. This will be achieved by:

– The promotion of cultural events, encounters and friendships of regions, municipalities, cities and citizens.

– Organization and holding of exhibitions, seminars, conferences, concerts, etc.

– Supporting projects and researches about European culture with focus on Italy

– Cooperation with other associations or organizations that pursue a similar range of tasks

The culture has a purely organizational task whose goal is to promote important social values. For example, to improve the cultural environment in Europe and to strengthen values, this multiplies the intellectual wealth of the whole collectivity.

It should be rediscovered the historical and ethical Regions of Europe, so to improve the coexistence in a better European environment.

„… The people of different regions and traditions of Europe have to meet and exchange their knowledge and experiences together, in a way to understand each other and set the basis for a common Europe, develop and grow from ‘below ‚…“ Antonio Cigna 1993